“Rather than trying to shelter our children from life’s inevitable difficulties, we can help them integrate those experiences into their understanding of the world and learn from them. How our kids make sense of their young lives is not only about what happens to them but also about how their parents, teachers, and other caregivers respond.” 
                                                               ― Daniel J. Siegel

I have significant clinical experience working with children and families, including providing therapy for children and their families at four Los Angeles schools. I have trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Managing and Adapting Practices (MAP), postmodern narrative and art and play-based therapeutic interventions designed for children.  Therapy can be an invaluable support for families who wish to promote their children's social and emotional health. Therapy has proven especially helpful for children who need support with:  

  • Learning to identify and communicate feelings
  • Understanding and processing traumatic experiences, grief and loss
  • School-related anxieties related to academic performance, bullying or social challenges
  • Life transitions such as divorce, a move, changes at school or the arrival of a new baby
  • Finding constructive ways to channel negative emotions- combating use of self-harm, substance abuse or escapism to deal with feelings
  • Education for parents around neuroscience, parenting techniques and children's developing brains. 
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